Replanting and Regeneration: A Lush Haven for Wildlife

Seventy percent of this land will be lovingly replanted or left to naturally regenerate into a breathtaking temperate rainforest.
Imagine the sight of majestic oaks, graceful birch trees, and hardy hazel, along with a wonderful array of native plants, unique to this area. These rainforests would be home to stoats and pine martens, and threatened birds like wood warblers, redstarts, and pied flycatchers.

With this revitalisation, you will know if you are in a rainforest because you will be surrounded by a wonderful abundance of mosses, liverworts, lichens, and ferns – many of which grow on the tree branches and trunks and cover boulders and ravines. The dampness of the air will be ideal for fungi to grow, including globally rare species such as hazel gloves fungus. Woodlands tend to be less damp with a less dense undergrowth.

Restoring Woodland Glades to Vibrant Grasslands

We are also committed to restoring the woodland glades into species-rich grassland synonymous with this area. Through naturalistic grazing regimes, these areas will flourish, becoming even more vibrant over time. As a result, the renewed landscape will support a diverse range of insect, bird, and small mammal species, providing a thriving ecosystem right on our doorstep.

Enriching Wetland Habitats for Wildlife and Nature Enthusiasts Alike

Our efforts will extend beyond the land. Springs and streams will be re-naturalised to nurture wetland wildlife and ensure the flow of healthy water throughout the area. As these habitats become established, they will become irresistible to a slew of fascinating creatures, from insects to birds and small mammals.

Connecting People with Nature

At Devon Wildlife Trust, we believe that rewilding is a community effort. That's why we're thrilled to involve the local community in our wildlife recovery projects. From tree planting to monitoring special species found within the woodlands, we will offer a range of engaging activities for everyone. Not only will you have the chance to connect with nature, but by getting involved, you'll also contribute to our shared mission of preserving and enhancing our natural surroundings. In time there will be opportunities for volunteers, as well as employment opportunities to develop rural skills.

The reforested landscape will sit perfectly alongside the regenerative housing and farm, creating a truly holistic community based on the principles of living in balance with the natural environment.