Bowden Pillars


Bowden Pillars Future is a regenerative community project on 123 acres in Totnes, Devon with a vision of Land, nature, farming and community  together in - in harmony.



The Project

Bowden Pillars Future is a regenerative project being created on 123 acres just outside Totnes, Devon, UK.

Our community share offer is an invitation to help to form a place where living harmoniously with nature, also creates a new community woodland, a regenerative farm, sequesters carbon, rebuilds natural systems, a regenerative village, and supports true low carbon lives.

There will be acres of Atlantic oak woodland which will act as a temperate rainforest of the future. The woodland will be cared for by Devon Wildlife Trust and will provide a vital habitat for many different species.

A mixed vegetable, fruit, arable, and livestock farm will be run by the Apricot Centre, and a regenerative village community will live on and be supported by the farm as a whole.


The Project

Invest in a Revolutionary Community Project in Totnes

The Bowden Pillars Future journey began when we bought the farm in April. We now need your help for the next steps we are to take.

Purchasing shares will transition the farm into greater community ownership and allow us to pay back some of our initial borrowing.

New longer-term loans will pay back the short term loans that helped us by the farm.

Donations can also pay off borrowing and help with the costs of setting up and running the project.


01 Nature

Ready to embark on a journey of nature recovery?

Bowden Pillars Future will revitalise 75 beautiful acres near Totnes and promoting nature recovery. Led by Devon Wildlife Trust the land will be transformed, creating vital habitat for wildlife, storing vast amounts of carbon, restoring health to soils and the quality of water that drains off them.

Acres and acres of Atlantic oak woodland will be create a temperate rainforest of the future, threaded with footpaths linking glades with views to Dartmoor in the distance and alive with birds and insects.


02 The Village

Join us to build a new kind of community

Bowden Pillars Future, led by Re-Set, pioneers unique regenerative housing with a community focus. Our goal is to foster a sustainable, thriving environment for residents, benefiting both our community and the wider ecosystem through eco-conscious practices.

We integrate our housing with a bountiful market garden and nature-friendly farm, providing fresh produce to our community and beyond. Committed to a better, sustainable future, we embrace regenerative living principles.


03 Farming

Regenerative Farming for a Better Future

Our 30-acre green oasis will be planted with agroforestry trees, which are carefully designed to enhance natural connectivity for small insects and mammals. Operated by The Apricot Centre, underneath the rows of trees, we will grow grains and pulses for Dartington Mill and other local food supply chains, while grass-fed cattle and chicken flocks rotate the fields with deep-rooted green manures.

It will be a sustainable, interconnected, local ecosystem where everything is considered in balance.

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