Regenerative Farming for a Better Future

We have the perfect canvas for our innovative farming methods, showcasing the expertise and ingenuity of the Apricot Centre.

Together, we are forging a path towards regenerative farming practices that prioritise the health of the ecosystem and the well-being of the local community.

Organic-Biodynamic Farming: For a Healthier Planet and Healthier You

The project will be rooted in nature-friendly farming, which utilises a cycles-of-life approach that goes beyond sustainability. We believe that farming should be about holistically restoring and enhancing the natural fertility of the soil, which in turn, boosts the health of humans, animals, and the ecosystem. The farm will be registered as Organic-Biodynamic. 

Empowering Communities through Regenerative Agriculture

We believe that our farm is not only a place to grow food sustainably but also to cultivate a sense of community through inspiring discovery and learning. Through farm tours, workshops and volunteer opportunities, we offer an invitation to get involved and contribute to a brighter, regenerative future for all.


Our vision includes the transformation of a small quarry on Maudlin Road into a community space that benefits Totnes town. Our plans are currently at early-stage consultation, but we are confident that our proposal will create a positive impact on individuals and families in our community.